Monday, May 16, 2011


Finally! The chicks and goslings have arrived! And I have to say...they are so cute! They all arrived safe and sound and have been making plenty of noise since they arrived. We ordered 11 Rhode Island Reds and 9 Plymouth Rocks. We also ordered 5 African geese.

The geese checking out their new home.

All 20 chicks.

Plymouth Rock

Rhode Island Red

African Goose
The cat isn't too sure what to think about the whole thing. So far she has just sat and looked at them so we are keeping the boxes covered with a wire mesh. I just wanted to share the pics and I'll be giving updates as the grow!

They think the blue bowl is a pool.


  1. AHH so "food tv" is on the bird channel for the cats . When we got the first batch they cats were glued to it for about a week then they got bored.

  2. LoL Our cat wasn't too sure what to think. She would sit and watch them from time to time but now she doesn't pay too much attention to them.