Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Sorry I have been away for so long. Things have been busy but have been progressing slowly. I will give a quick update and hopefully get back to posting more regularly.

Since we moved we finally got the electricity connected which took us a few days. We have been working on getting a shed built to store some of our stuff and hopefully that will be finished soon. The majority of the insulation is up, Yay! We are now in the process of buying drywall and getting that up a  little at a time. We built a worm bin a few weeks ago and a regular composting bin this weeeknd which I will probably post about later. Since it has gotten colder we have had to stop taking showers outside and we are working on a way to take showers inside.

So far, I think that's about it. We are still bringing in our water and I don't think we will get a water pump until spring or summer. That's about it for now but look for another post soon!

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